Heat Pumps: Why Are In-Home Assessments Important?


Heat pumps are an increasingly popular option here in Atlantic Canada, and for good reason. They’re basically the perfect home comfort system for our climate—capable of keeping us warm and cozy all winter and cool and comfortable all summer.

However, selecting the right heat pump for your home is more complex than it might initially appear. Many homeowners have done a bit of research, found a heat pump that they thought was a great value for the price, only to discover once it’s installed that it’s insufficient for their needs.

There are a huge number of factors that go into determining which heat pump option will be best for your home and family. Daikin Atlantic dealers offer free, no obligation, in-home assessments, simply because they want to ensure Daikin customers are satisfied with the heat pump being purchased. Here are just a few of the factors that will have an impact on your choice.

Home Size and Layout

One of the biggest factors in your heat pump choice will be the size of your home. It makes sense that a larger home will need a more powerful heat pump to keep it warm, right?

It’s not always as simple as that. The height of your ceilings and the arrangement of the rooms in your home can have a big impact on the optimal heat pump configuration. For example, in many larger homes, it will be significantly more efficient to use two or more smaller, less powerful mini-split heat pumps in different areas of the home than to install one extremely powerful heat pump for the entire house.

While it’s generally true that larger homes will need more energy to keep every room a comfortable temperature, it’s not always as easy as saying that you need X BTUs from a heat pump for every Y square feet in your home.

Existing Ductwork

In many cases, homeowners lean towards mini-split heat pumps rather than ducted heat pumps because they perceive mini-splits as being more cost-effective. However, if your home already has ducts (that are compatible with a heat pump) from an existing forced air system, it can vastly reduce the cost of installing a ducted system. An authorized Daikin dealer can help you determine whether it will be a better option for you to adapt your current duct system to a heat pump or to go with a mini-split.

Insulation, Windows, and Construction

Another huge factor in heat pump efficiency is the thermal insulation of your home, which depends on the materials used in your home construction. During an in-home assessment, a Daikin dealer will inspect your windows, insulation, and other parts of your home to determine what kind of heat loss you should expect, which will affect the type and power of heat pump you should be installing.

Patterns of Use

A factor that many homeowners overlook is how exactly they use their space. While some families will require individualized climate control in every room in their homes, others spend 90% of their time in one or two rooms. When you book your in-home assessment, your Daikin dealer will talk about how you spend your time in your home. Your heat pump needs will be very different depending on whether your family spends most of your time in the kitchen and living room, or if you spread out across six or seven different rooms.

Book an Assessment Today

These are just a few of the factors that make selecting the right heat pump a more complex task than many homeowners expect. If you book an in-home assessment with an authorized Daikin dealer, you’ll get to talk to an expert who will walk you through your various options and help you choose the heat pump that is best for your home and family. Find a dealer near you today!