Heat Pump Rebates in New Brunswick [Updated for 2021]

Discover The Heat Pump Rebate Options Available to Homeowners in New Brunswick

Depending on the type of heat pump you’re interested in purchasing and several other factors, homeowners in New Brunswick can access a variety of rebates to reduce the upfront cost of their heat pump.

Heat pumps are an efficient source of home heating and cooling. Because of this efficiency, they reduce the demand on the electrical grid. With many power utilities facing increasing demand on their grid and the call to reduce the reliance on energy consumption overall, it is in the best interests of power utilities like NB Power to offer rebates for heating sources like heat pumps. Through the implementation of rebate programs, both homeowners and power utilities benefit from reduced power usage. Homeowners reduce their monthly bills, while power utilities reduce the stress on their electrical grid. 

Luckily for homeowners in New Brunswick, NB Power has one of the best home energy rebates in Canada, which includes generous heat pump rebates for both ducted and ductless (mini-split) heat pumps. Below we’ll outline the heat pump rebate programs in New Brunswick and how to access funds to help reduce the upfront cost of your heat pump. 

Total Home Energy Savings Program

The Total Home Energy Savings program is a broad program with the goal of reducing a household’s overall energy consumption. It offers homeowners money back on many energy-efficient upgrades, including heat pumps. The program begins with an in-home energy evaluation from a third party energy advisor. See the steps below to schedule your in-home evaluation and access the heat pump rebates available to you. 

1. Apply for your home energy evaluation.

You’ll be required to fill out an application for an in-home “energy audit.” The purpose of this audit is to identify opportunities for more energy-efficient upgrades (like a heat pump). 

The audit is conducted by a third party advisor for $99. In your application, you have the choice of the service organization to conduct your in-home evaluation, Therma Wise, Homesol, or EnerCheck. Take a look at their websites to see if you have a preference; if not, NB Power will randomly assign an advisor to you. 

You can access the application here

2. Review your report

Your home evaluation will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete and will involve detailed measurements of your home, including tests of your home’s insulation and the ventilation system.

Once your home evaluation is complete, you’ll receive a full report based on the findings of the assessment. The report will detail your home’s energy efficiency and outline recommended energy-efficient upgrades. 

3. Research your best heat pump option 

Upon receiving your report, you’ll then be able to install upgrades on your home, including a heat pump. Before you start with the renovations, be sure to check the approved product list. This list contains many of the most popular Daikin heat pump models. You can take a peek at this list as well as the program guidelines here.

4. Install your heat pump 

Using your report, determine which upgrades make sense for you to install. From there, you can purchase your upgrades from approved contractors. The incentive structure operates using a tiered model of good, better, and best, where the more upgrades you install at once, the higher the rebate you will get. For mini-splits, this rebate ranges from $400-$700, and for centrally ducted heat pumps, you are eligible for $1,500-$1,750 in rebates. For heat pumps, we recommend scheduling an in-home assessment with a Daikin heat pump dealer. Find out why in-home assessments are important here.

5. Complete your final home evaluation

You’ll have about nine months to install your upgrades, at which point you will need a final home evaluation to confirm your approved upgrades. Your energy advisor will come to your home once more to ensure your upgrades have been properly installed and assign your home an Energy Star rating. 

Having another third party expert evaluate that your entire home is efficient as possible provides plenty of value and peace of mind that all of your upgrades are installed properly.

6. Receive your rebates

Once your final home energy evaluation is complete, you’ll be able to submit your receipts and information to receive your rebates. See this page for more information on signing up for a direct rebate deposit. 

New Home Energy Savings Program

The new home energy savings program is targeted to new construction homes that have yet to start the building process. This program is meant to ensure that new homes being built are as energy-efficient as possible. 

The energy audit portion of this program functions in a similar fashion to the Total Home Energy Savings Program, whereby an energy advisor will evaluate the home’s blueprints and other plans and make a recommendation on energy-efficient upgrades. The homeowner will be able to access up to $10,000 in rebates, including rebates for heat pumps. 

Through participation in this program, you’ll receive an EnerGuide rating that can be used in the application for mortgage insurance refund programs including Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Genworth Canada, and Canada Guaranty. Implementing energy savings upgrades on your home (including a heat pump) will help you earn refunds on your mortgage insurance premiums through the programs cited above. A maximum of 25% in mortgage insurance premiums is available. The higher your EnerGuide rating, the higher the insurance premium reduction you are likely to receive. 

See the program guidelines here.

Low Income Energy Savings Program

The Low Income Energy Savings Program is designed for low-income homeowners with major needs for energy efficiency upgrades. To enter the program, prospective homeowners must contact NB Power directly. From there, NB Power will send an application to determine your eligibility. If accepted, participants will be placed in a queue at a first come first served basis.

Home energy evaluations will be similar to those in the Total Energy Savings Program. However, upon successful registration to the program, homeowners will be offered upgrades free of charge. The upgrades can range from major additions such as insulation, the addition of a ducted or ductless heat pump, health and safety-related upgrades, or minor upgrades such as low flow showerheads. 

See the program eligibility requirements here

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Daikin Manufacturer Rebate

Daikin offers homeowners in New Brunswick a rebate of up to $1,550 on the cost of select Daikin heat pumps. Ask your local Daikin dealer about how to take advantage of this manufacturer’s rebate!

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