The Top Factors That Influence The Cost of a Heat Pump


Learn about the factors that determine the cost of a heat pump model, such as efficiency, size, performance, and output.

There is a combination of factors that determine how much a heat pump system is going to cost you. While there is no “one size fits all” answer, in this article, we’ve outlined the characteristics of a heat pump unit along with other factors that will impact the overall price. 

Home Layout and Heating Needs

The layout of your home along with your heating needs will significantly impact what a heat pump will cost you. A major consideration is how many rooms you need to heat/cool in your home. If you only want to heat one room or perhaps a large common area, then a single zone mini split may be the best option for you. Does your home have a pre-existing ducted system? If so, then you should consider a ducted heat pump system, as you’ll have the ability to discreetly heat and cool many areas of your home at once. 

Type of Heat Pump

The type of heat pump you install is often directly related to the layout of your home and your needs. As stated, various types of heat pumps are best suited to different home layouts and heating goals. 

There are a variety of heat pump variations you can install in your home, and the type you choose will impact the cost significantly. The varieties of heat pumps include:

  • Ducted heat pumps that push warm or cool air through a central air system, 
  • Mini split systems that manage the temperature in a single room, 
  • Hybrid systems that work together with a furnace to heat your home,
  • Geothermal models that gather heat from the ground. 

Single-zone heat pumps will often cost you less than either a ducted heat pump system or a multi-zone mini split system. However, the cost of a multi-zone mini split system will depend on the number of indoor units you choose to install, plus many of the other factors that we cover in this article. 

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Heat pump efficiency is a critical performance factor to evaluate when choosing a heat pump. While a higher efficiency model may cost more upfront, keep in mind that the more efficient the heat pump unit, the more it is likely to save you on your heating bill in the long term. 

For homeowners in Atlantic Canada, two important efficiency metrics to evaluate are HSPF and COP. Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) is the measure of heat pump efficiency in heating mode. While the coefficient of performance (COP) describes the amount of heat that a heat pump can produce compared to how much energy has been put in at any given time.

Size and Output

Heat pump systems are typically measured by their BTU output, which is the amount of thermal energy that a heat pump produces. The size of the area that you need to heat or cool will determine the size and output that you need. The larger the area requiring heat, the more output your heat pump system will need. An in-home assessment from a certified Daikin dealer will often be the most accurate way to determine the best heat pump size for your needs. 

Brand and Quality

Choosing a heat pump model and configuration is an important decision that will impact your bottom line and your home comfort for years to come. The brand you choose will often have an impact on the overall longevity and reliability of your heat pump. As you research your heat pump options, you will find that lower quality heat pump models and brands are often cheaper. As you weigh your options, consider other factors such as the warranty. The more extended and more robust the warranty protection, the more confident the manufacturer is in the quality of their product.

Connect With a Daikin Dealer

An in-home assessment from a Daikin dealer is often your best way to determine the full cost of a heat pump system, including installation costs. During your consultation, your dealer will help you assess your needs and suggest a heat pump configuration that fits within your budget. Find a dealer near you today!