The Guide To Heat Pumps For Homeowners in Halifax

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Learn why heat pumps work well for the climate in Halifax and the biggest consideration for choosing the right heat pump for your home. 

Halifax is a city with extremely unpredictable weather. One day it is warm and rainy, the next it’s an ice storm at -20°. These wild swings in temperature make heat pumps the best home heating and cooling option for Halifax area residents. In this article, we’ll explain why heat pumps work so well in Halifax’s climate, some key considerations for choosing the proper heat pump model, and some suggestions for local heat pump dealers in Halifax. 

Why Heat Pumps Work So Well For Halifax’s Climate

Heat pumps can provide home comfort all-year-round and in nearly all weather conditions. First, though, it is important to understand how heat pumps operate. 

Heat pumps do not produce heat, but instead, distribute it from one place to another. Heat naturally tends to move from one place to another. Heat pumps transfer the heat from outside into your home. To transfer heat, your outdoor unit takes the heat and runs it through sets of refrigerant tubes which absorb the heat and send it inside your house. Since heat pumps are able to transfer heat instead of creating it, it means that they can consume significantly less energy than traditional heating methods. 

While it may not seem like it, even during the coldest winter days, there is still heat in the air for heat pumps to extract and transfer into your home. This process of heat transfer works efficiently up to temperatures below -20 degrees. However, it’s important to note that in Halifax throughout the winter months in 2018 and 2019, there were no days in which the actual temperature dropped below -20 degrees (although it felt as though it did with the windchill).

The fact that heat pumps can provide and distribute heat all winter long makes them an ideal source for home heating for Halifax’s winters. However, just as it gets bitterly cold in the winter, the summer months can become just as uncomfortable with the heat. Luckily during the summer months, your heat pump can simply reverse the heat transfer process outlined above to cool your home. Interestingly enough, this is the same cooling process that modern air conditioning units use.

Which Heat Pump Model Should You Choose?

There are several different types of heat pumps that you can choose from. The most common configurations for homeowners in Halifax are ducted and ductless units. While the heat pump professionals outlined below are best suited to help you determine which type of heat pump is best for you, which system you choose often depends on your needs and the layout of your home. Ducted units are often best for homes with existing ductwork in place. Ductless (or mini split) units are highly versatile and are often used to provide heat to specific and often-used areas of your home. 

Beyond the configuration you choose, there are a variety of key performance measures that you should be evaluating. These include:

  • HSPF, which is the measure of heat pump efficiency in heating mode.  
  • SEER, which is the measure of heat pump performance in cooling mode. 
  • COP, which describes the amount of heat that a heat pump can produce compared to how much energy has been put in at any given time. 

For colder climates like Halifax, HSPF and COP are key metrics that you will want to evaluate before making a purchase. Read this article to learn more about these measures and to learn more about the best heat pumps for winter.

Heat Pump Dealers in Halifax

It is critical to be informed about heat pumps by learning how they work, which factors influence cost, and the configuration that is likely to meet your needs. However, the best way to find the best heat pump model is by having a consultation with a certified expert. In the Halifax region, there are six Daikin heat pump dealers who are able to provide you with expert service and advice on which heat pump system is right for you and your home. Discover your local Daikin heat pump dealers below:

Presidential Ventilation Systems

Presidential Ventilation has been a family business since 1993, proudly serving Nova Scotia with the best in heating and ventilation technologies. They are a Daikin ComfortPro dealer and an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau. 

Contact Presidential Ventilation Systems

Ready Refrigeration

Ready Refrigeration serves the HRM and surrounding areas from their headquarters in Lower Sackville. They install and service industry-leading Daikin heat pumps with unbeatable features and an excellent warranty.

Contact Ready Refrigeration 

Greenfoot Energy Solutions Halifax

A Daikin ComfortPro dealer and one of six locations across Atlantic Canada, Greenfoot Energy Solutions in Halifax will deliver significantly lower energy costs and a higher standard of customer satisfaction.

Contact Greenfoot Energy Solutions Halifax


The ATL-REFAC team has over 255 years’ combined experience in selling, servicing, and installing the best heat pumps for Nova Scotian customers.


Peace of Mind Heating

Meeting the heating and cooling demands of Halifax and surrounding areas is Peace of Mind Heating’s business. Boilers, furnaces, Daikin heat pumps, garage heaters are just a few of their most popular installs. Getting and keeping clients running with heat and hot water and or the seasonal need for air conditioning is what they’re all about!

Contact Peace of Mind Heating

Glenmar Heating & Air Conditioning

Glenmar Heating & Air Conditioning provides comfort you can trust. Their skilled team has been working together for over 20 years. Owner Glen Geddes worked in the heating and air conditioning industry for 16 years before starting his own business in 1997.

Contact Glenmar Heating & Air Conditioning

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