Air Conditioner Types: How to Choose the Right One

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We may live in Atlantic Canada and experience long winters, but when summer comes around, so does the heat and humidity. Knowing the air conditioner types available will help you decide how you want to cool your home. 

The term air conditioner makes us think of one thing: cooling down from hot weather outside! However, there are many types of air conditioners that contain a variety of features beyond simply cooling you down. 

Air Conditioners: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!” Now that is a phrase we have all used at least once a year here in Atlantic Canada. Depending on the layout, age, and location of your house, you might experience higher levels of humidity compared to others. Also, you might just want your bedroom cooled down at night as opposed to your whole home all day long. Each unique configuration and individual desire for cooling distribution across the household is why it matters what type of air conditioning system you invest in. 

Below is a snapshot of the various air conditioner types to give you an idea of what will best suit your home cooling needs. 

Portable Air Conditioners

A portable air conditioner is the most widely available and budget-friendly option. It’s placed in a window and plugged into an electrical outlet to funnel out the exhaust air. This option is best for single-room cooling or an apartment. 

Window-Hung Air Conditioners

Also used for single-room cooling, the common window-hung air conditioner is fitted into a wall slot or a window sill. Slightly larger than the portable unit, everything is enclosed in the unit box with a thermostat gauge.

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners

A ductless mini-split air conditioner moves hot air from inside your home to the outdoors with an outdoor compressor and an indoor air handler unit. A set of coils containing heat-absorbing compressed refrigerant cools the indoor temperature to the homeowner’s desired temperature. These types of air conditioners double as heat pumps to heat your home and can be used for a single-zone or multi-zones. 

Ducted Central Air Conditioners

A ducted central air conditioner unit connects to a pre-existing central indoor unit and circulates the cooled air throughout your home via the air ducts and vents. This is best when you want to have year-round heating and cooling to your whole home and you already have duct infrastructure in your home. 

The most common type of ducted system in Atlantic Canada is an air source heat pump. This is because they are relatively low cost and work by transferring air between your home and the outdoors.

A hybrid source unit works together with your traditional heating source such as a furnace to provide heating and cooling year-round.

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