Fall 2020 Ductless Heat Pump Rebate

Save up to $450 on qualifying Daikin single and multi-zone ductless systems when you apply for the rebate before November 15th! 

Qualifying single and multi-zone systems:

  • Daikin MXS/MXL Series: Rebate of $450
  • LV Series, FDMQ Series, Aurora/Vista Series, and EMURA 1:1*: Rebate of $375
  • 19 Series: Rebate of $150Rebate Fall 2020 products

*Only eligible EMURA 1:1 models include FTXR09TVJUW/S, FTXR12TVJUW/S, and FTXR18TVJUW/S

Contractors will file the consumer instant rebate claim with EGIA, including all necessary documentation, at www.egia.org/daikin. Claims and supporting documentation much be received by November 30, 2020. 

Contact your local Daikin dealer to take advantage of the last ductless heat pump rebate for 2020!

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