How to Use Your Heat Pump in Air Conditioner Mode

Heat pumps with air conditioner mode work year-round by transferring heat from one place to another. When the weather gets warmer, you can use your heat pump to move the warm air and humidity out of your home and maintain the perfect indoor temperature. 

This summer, you can use your heat pump in air conditioner mode to maintain the perfect indoor temperature and dehumidify your home. In fact, heat pumps and air conditioners function on the same simple concept, using a refrigerant to move thermal energy from one location to another. A/C mode cools down your home and releases heat to the outdoors. Using a heat pump to cool your home can be 50% more efficient than using a window A/C unit. 

How to Switch a Heat Pump from Heating Mode to Air Conditioner Mode

Using your heat pump as an air conditioner is simple and easy. You can use the thermostat controls to set the temperature, which will trigger the heat pump to switch over to cooling mode. 

Cooling mode requires more airflow than heating mode, so you should check your filter before switching over to make sure it is clean. Additionally, inspect the indoor unit for any dirt or debris as this can also impact cooling output. 

Tips for Using Heat Pumps in Air Conditioner Mode  

Mini-split (ductless) heat pump models are often installed in homes without pre-existing ductwork, and they are designed to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature in particular areas of a home, which means you do not need to continually adjust the temperature or turn the unit on and off. Instead, most models operate on a “cruise control”-like inverter system that regulates the temperature. 

Ducted heat pump systems use existing ductwork in a home to spread cool air. They can take advantage of “circulate only” mode to cool down an indoor space without using the air conditioner mode. Basically, this function can shift air from the cooler parts of the home to the warmer parts, such as from the basement to rooms upstairs. 

Here are a few other modes that are universal to heat pump models that can make it easier for you to use your heat pump during the warmer months: 

  • Dry mode: In dry mode, the heat pump will draw moisture from the air and dehumidify the space. 
  • Fan mode: Fan mode or “auto fan” circulates air through your space and is ideal for the cooler summer nights in Atlantic Canada. 
  • Auto mode: “Automatic” mode switches between heating and cooling mode, which means that your system might cool your home on a humid summer day and switch to heating mode on a cool summer night. You may want to avoid this setting during the summer months to increase efficiency. 

Learn More About Using a Heat Pump as an Air Conditioner

There are many benefits to having a heat pump and air conditioner in one unit, such as maintaining a consistent indoor temperature, improving the air quality in your home, and more. Contact your local Daikin dealer to learn more or download the guide: How to Use a Heat Pump for Air Conditioning