March 2023

Daikin One: Giving You Ultimate Control of Your Home Comfort

Daikin One smart thermostats and Cloud Services help you take your home comfort to the next level with even greater ease. There are many benefits of owning a Daikin heat pump. If you already have one, you know they are efficient, easy to use, low-maintenance, and provide a consistent temperature inside your home year-round.  Imagine …
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Compare Energy Savings with a Daikin FIT Heat Pump

The Daikin Inverter used in the FIT heat pump uses state-of-the-art HVAC technology to provide even more energy savings than a traditional heat pump.  In Nova Scotia, there is a Daikin FIT test site where two similar homes next door to each other both have a Daikin heat pump installed. One has a single-stage DZ16SA …
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