Diary of an HVAC-R Technician: Three Reasons She Loves Her Career

HVAC-R technician careers offer continuous learning, community connections, and opportunities to make a positive environmental impact.

An increasing number of Atlantic Canadians are choosing to start a career in the HVAC-R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) industry. This isn’t surprising given that across the region, demand for skilled technicians is rising. For this article we spoke with one HVAC-R Technician, Claudette, based out of Nova Scotia. She shared that continuous learning, community relationships, and the opportunity to make a positive environmental impact are what make this career personally rewarding to her.

1. Continuous Learning 

The learning journey of an HVAC-R technician in Atlantic Canada typically begins during a college technical training program. These programs provide foundational knowledge of servicing, repair, installation, and more. Claudettte studied at NSCC, where the training program is now called Building Systems Technician (HVAC&R). After technical training, an HVAC-R technician will seek an apprenticeship to gain practical experience while making an income. An apprenticeship with a Daikin Atlantic dealer provides hands-on experience and expert advice from Red Seal Journeyperson mentors. 

Attention to detail, and continuous learning. I developed these by learning from excellent journeypeople before me, and being compassionate to the end users of the HVAC-R equipment — Claudette

Even after an apprenticeship, there is always more to learn! It is rare for an HVAC-R technician to always face the same problems, which is why people who enjoy problem-solving and hands-on work are often drawn to this career path. 

Be prepared to keep learning and to be excited everyday. It is rare to do the same thing twice so always be on your toes — Claudette

Technicians must also stay updated on the latest home heating and cooling advancements. One recent example of such a change are the new heat pump efficiency ratings SEER2, EER2, and HSPF2. 

When I started, everything was mechanical and all components could be repaired. It has transformed into complex control systems and electronic operations. Changes happen very quickly but it is for the best for the industry, and as technicians, it keeps us engaged and excited to keep learning — Claudette

Completing additional certifications is one way that technicians can keep on top of their training. Claudette herself has over a dozen manufacturer-specialized certifications and Canadian and international safety certifications covering everything from helicopter fueling to heavy load rigging. A few of those include Red Seal RACM (HVAC/R), Red Seal Gas Fitter B, CGC (Canadian GeoExchange Coalition) Certified Installer, and Canadian and International Refrigerant Handling, among many others.

2. Positive Environmental Impact 

A prospective HVAC-R technician that works with a Daikin Atlantic dealer for their apprenticeship unlock access to the latest energy-efficient heating and cooling systems on the market. Solutions like oil furnaces and gas furnaces must burn inefficient fuel sources to operate, while Daikin heat pumps use a fraction of the energy that’s necessary to produce heat. Daikin also supports Atlantic dealers with continuous training opportunities, helping HVAC-R technicians provide homeowners with maximum home comfort for minimum environmental impact.

I went to NSCC and found out how bad the industry pollutes the world. I wanted to change that. The industry is getting more efficient and providing more comfort with less and less impact environmentally — Claudette

3. Community Connection 

HVAC-R technicians are thoughtful individuals who play a vital role in ensuring the comfort and safety of Atlantic Canadians, especially during extreme weather conditions. An HVAC-R technician who is able to build trust within their local community can create long-lasting professional relationships.

I went to an elderly couple’s home that had no heat…I repaired the system that day and got the heat back on. After, I was the only tech allowed to work at their home. They still call me over ten years later to work on their equipment — Claudette

Knowing the important role that HVAC-R technicians play in their communities, we created the Find a Dealer index so that homeowners can quickly locate an Authorized Daikin dealer nearest them. This is also a great resource for prospective HVAC-R technicians to find an apprenticeship from Daikin Atlantic dealer mentors. 

Start Your HVAC-R Technician Career 

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