Ducted and Ductless Heat Pumps in Cape Breton

Efficiently cool and heat your home with the year-round comfort and cost-savings of a Daikin ducted or ductless (mini-split) heat pump.

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Here are three reasons why homeowners in Cape Breton should switch their home cooling and heating solution to a Daikin heat pump:

  1. Home Comfort: A Daikin ducted and ductless (mini-split) heat pump will deliver the perfect indoor climate year-round, help maintain the ideal humidity, and get rid of stale air.
  2. Savings: For homeowners who upgrade their home heating to a Daikin heat pump, it’s not uncommon for the energy savings to pay for the cost of the heat pump in just a few years—plus, save upfront using available rebates.
  3. Efficiency: Unlike oil and electric heating, which creates heat, Daikin heat pumps use an efficient process to warm and cool your home by simply moving heat from one place to another. 

Find  Your Local Daikin Heat Pump Dealer in Cape Breton

Finding the ideal heat pump for your home starts with contacting a Daikin dealer in the Cape Breton area for a no-obligation heat pump consultation. 

Select a local dealer from the map below. From there, your Daikin dealer will help you choose which ducted or ductless (mini-split) heat pump system is right for you.


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