Diary of an HVAC-R Technician: Three Reasons She Loves Her Career

HVAC-R technician careers offer continuous learning, community connections, and opportunities to make a positive environmental impact. An increasing number of Atlantic Canadians are choosing to start a career in the HVAC-R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) industry. This isn’t surprising given that across the region, demand for skilled technicians is rising. For this article …
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How To Start Your HVAC-R Career With Daikin Atlantic

Learn the steps you can take on your career path that will lead you to an exciting and rewarding career in HVAC-R and climate control technology with a Daikin Atlantic dealer! Working in the HVAC-R industry can mean a variety of things considering it includes (and is an acronym for) heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and …
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