Heat Pump Cost

The Guide To Heat Pump Financing in Atlantic Canada

not all mini-split heat pumps are bulky

Discover the financing and rental options available to homeowners looking to upgrade their home heating and cooling to a heat pump Most of the Atlantic provinces have heat pump rebate programs available to lessen the upfront cost of purchasing a heat pump. However, there are also plenty of financing options available to help homeowners with …
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Heat Pump Rebates in New Brunswick [Updated for 2019]

Discover The Heat Pump Rebate Options Available to Homeowners in New Brunswick Depending on the type of heat pump you’re interested in purchasing and several other factors, homeowners in New Brunswick can access a variety of rebates to reduce the upfront cost of their heat pump. Heat pumps are an efficient source of home heating …
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Heat Pump Rebates in Nova Scotia

what you need to know about replacing your furnace with a heat pump

Heat Pump Rebates in Nova Scotia Living so close to the ocean, it’s natural for Nova Scotians to care about the environment and be concerned about the effects of climate change. However, while many Nova Scotian homeowners want to do more to help the environment, the costs of making greener choices can be prohibitive. As …
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Heat Pumps: Why Are In-Home Assessments Important?


Heat pumps are an increasingly popular option here in Atlantic Canada, and for good reason. They’re basically the perfect home comfort system for our climate—capable of keeping us warm and cozy all winter and cool and comfortable all summer. However, selecting the right heat pump for your home is more complex than it might initially …
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How Carbon Taxes Affect Your Home Heating Costs

With various forms of carbon pricing rolling out across the country, most homeowners have been left in the dark about how a carbon tax will affect their heating costs and what steps they can take to save money. There’s also variation on how carbon pricing is being implemented, because each province is responsible for creating …
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How Much Can You Save With a Heat Pump?


One of the most surefire ways Atlantic Canadians can reduce their winter heating bills (other than by turning off the heat and putting on a sweater) is by installing one or more heat pumps in their homes. However, every home and family is different, and if you want to get a better sense of how …
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Do Heat Pumps Really Pay For Themselves?

do heat pumps really pay for themselves

Learn how to calculate how long it will take for your heat pump to pay for itself in energy savings. It’s common for homeowners investing in heat pumps to wonder when they’ll see their investment pay for itself in energy savings. The answer to that question depends on several factors that don’t necessarily stay at …
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The Guide to Heat Pump Rebates in Atlantic Canada


See how much you can save on the upfront cost of adding a heat pump to your home through government rebates. Home heating using traditional furnaces, boilers, and baseboards drives power bills up for homeowners and adds a strain on the environment. For these reasons, homeowners are starting to transition to smarter, more efficient methods …
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Do Heat Pumps Really Save Money?


Determine what you stand to save on your energy bill by seeing how heat pumps stack up to the most popular traditional home heating solutions. Heat pumps have been touted as one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to heat and cool your home. In addition to the feedback from homeowners on just how …
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