Heat Pump vs Other Options

Stop Paying High Furnace Oil Prices—Get a Heat Pump

The rise in fuel prices is costing homeowners more than ever to fill up their furnace oil tanks. Discover why many Atlantic Canadians are switching to heat pumps for home comfort.  Compared to a furnace or boiler, energy costs to heat your home with a heat pump can be half as much! A heat pump …
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Air Conditioner Types: How to Choose the Right One

Woman smiling on floor with laptop

We may live in Atlantic Canada and experience long winters, but when summer comes around, so does the heat and humidity. Knowing the air conditioner types available will help you decide how you want to cool your home.  The term air conditioner makes us think of one thing: cooling down from hot weather outside! However, …
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Which is Better: Heat Pumps or Air Conditioners?

family under blanket enjoying air conditioning

Many Atlantic Canadians are investing in their homes this year. Should they invest in a heat pump or an air conditioner? With cross-border vacation travel out of the picture at the moment, many Atlantic Canadians are planning summer “staycations”. For some, this provides an opportunity to spruce up their surroundings with home improvements. Summer upgrades …
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What’s More Efficient: Heat Pumps or Gas Furnaces?

The short answer is that most heat pumps are more efficient than gas furnaces, but let’s focus on why. Operational Time You want your home to be a certain temperature, so you set your heating system to maintain that level of warmth. A gas furnace will turn on and stay on until it reaches the …
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Heat Pump vs Air Conditioner: Which is Right for Your Home?


It’s taken a while, but it looks like summer is finally on its way here in Atlantic Canada. In past years, air conditioners were much less common in our part of the world than they are elsewhere. But these days, with the climate warming up, homeowners across the region are looking for ways to help …
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What Makes Heat Pumps More Efficient?


If you’ve ever heard or read anything about how heat pumps work, you’ve probably seen the claim that heat pumps are superior to other methods of home heating because they’re so much more efficient. But what makes them so efficient, and more importantly, why does efficiency matter to you as a homeowner? The short answer: …
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Is It Time To Replace Your Furnace?


Learn the telltale signs of a failing furnace, and why you should switch to a heat pump system. It’s very common for older houses to have outdated and inefficient furnaces. These furnaces can cause a variety of problems for homeowners once they come to the end of their lifecycle. Much like an aging automobile, furnaces …
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How Hybrid Heat Pumps Can Keep You Warm All Winter

heat pumps keep you warm

Save money and live in comfort, year-round Over the last few years, heat pumps have gained a reputation as one of the most energy efficient and cost-effective ways to heat a home. However, when most homeowners in Atlantic Canada learn about how heat pumps work, the question becomes whether heat pumps work in Atlantic Canada …
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Replacing Your Furnace With a Heat Pump: What You Need to Know

Are heat pumps a good replacement for furnaces in Atlantic Canada? Heat pumps are becoming increasingly common in the Atlantic provinces, but there are still a lot of misconceptions about them and how they work. If you’re an Atlantic Canadian homeowner considering replacing your oil furnace with a heat pump, there are a few things …
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