How Heat Pumps Work

How BTU Impacts Heat Pump Performance

Daikin FIT heat pump outdoor unit

What Size Heat Pump Btu Do I Need for My Home? A heat pump is a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to heat or cool your home. Unlike traditional systems that modify the temperature in your home by heating or cooling the surrounding air, a heat pump transfers heat. When you want your home to stay …
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Daikin FIT vs. Cube-Style Heat Pump: What’s the Difference?

people enjoying patio with DAIKIN FIT heat pump in background

What’s the difference between the Daikin FIT and traditional, cube-style heat pumps?  To understand the difference between the Daikin FIT heat pump and the traditional, cube-style heat pump systems, you first need to understand how heat pumps work. Ductless (mini-split) and ducted heat pumps heat or cool your home by circulating air over coils with …
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Heat Pump Cleaning Tips to Prepare for a Winter Storm

How to clean and maintain your heat pump in extreme winter weather conditions. Unlike a furnace or electric baseboard that warm your home by generating heat from the surrounding air, heat pumps work by transferring heat from one place to another, extracting warmth from the outdoors even in temperatures as low as -27°C. This makes …
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Heat Pump Installation: Why You Need an Expert


Discover exactly why your heat pump installation and service should be conducted by a professional. Heat pump installation and servicing should always be done by a professional. You may think you are saving time and money in the short term by taking on the work yourself or hiring a low-cost alternative online, but in the …
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Heat Pumps Moncton: The Homeowner’s Guide


Heat pumps in Moncton, NB are the ideal heating solution for the frigid and snowy winters there. The winters in Moncton can be some of the worst in Canada with seemingly relentless snow and more than its fair share of frigid temperatures. As you settle in for what winter will throw your way, you want …
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The Guide To Heat Pumps For Homeowners in Halifax

Comfortable home

Learn why heat pumps work well for the climate in Halifax and the biggest consideration for choosing the right heat pump for your home.  Halifax is a city with extremely unpredictable weather. One day it is warm and rainy, the next it’s an ice storm at -20°. These wild swings in temperature make heat pumps …
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What Are The Best Heat Pumps For Cold Weather?


Learn how to choose the right heat pump model to heat your home in the cold winter months  Heat pumps are an extremely versatile and efficient source of home heating and cooling. While all heat pumps can provide heating for your home, not all are ideal for extremely cold climates. The winters in Atlantic Canada …
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Are Heat Pumps Really More Environmentally Friendly?


If you’ve been doing any research into heat pumps, you’ve likely seen that one of their biggest selling points (aside from saving you money) is that they are better for the environment than any other common method of home heating. This seems like common sense when you consider that heat pumps heat your home by …
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5 Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Service


Daikin heat pumps are robust and reliable, but like any mechanical equipment, they will eventually break down if they aren’t properly cared for. There are a number of things you can do yourself to help keep your heat pump in top condition, like seasonal cleaning of your heat pump to avoid build-up of dirt or …
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Daikin Atlantic Answers 7 Common Heat Pump Questions


It would be an understatement to say that we get a lot of questions about heat pumps. At this point, most Atlantic Canadians know someone who has recently installed one or more heat pumps in their home, but most of us still don’t know very much about them or how they work. Below, we’ve collected …
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