Discover the New Daikin FIT Heat Pump and Air Conditioner

The new Daikin FIT System is designed to drive increased energy savings, comfort, and dependability—on a budget.

When you download the brochure, you’ll learn about the differences between the new Daikin FIT system and traditional cube-style heat pumps. For example, the compact size of the Daikin FIT requires less space and resembles a small efficient mini split outdoor unit. More differentiating features of the FIT include:

  • Hot start technology: Warm air is produced as soon as you need it—no more cool drafts at start-up
  • Quiet mode: It’s designed to produce as little as 25% of the noise level as conventional heat pumps
  • Durability: Tested under 1000 hours of salt spray and coated to keep the coil clean, the Daikin FIT is durable
  • Affordability: Priced within the budget of a conventional heat pump

Want an assessment to see if the Daikin FIT system is the right heating and cooling system for your home? Find the certified Daikin dealer near you.

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