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Pay Less Per Month and Get More Comfort With a Daikin Heat Pump. What Will You Save?

About Bob’s Cool Air

10 DesBrisay Ave.
Moncton, New Brunswick
E1E 0G8

Bob’s Cool Air Inc. is a locally owned Moncton based air conditioning and heating company which has served the Maritime Provinces since 1995. They have grown and evolved into a cutting-edge leader in the HVAC industry. The services they provide cover a diverse cross-section of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Bob’s Cool Air’s values as a company include providing the best possible customer satisfaction while empowering every team member to reach their full potential.

Our Reviews

  1. Margaret Rouse

    I moved to Moncton in the winter of 2015.
    I found the summer months intolerable; coming from a city on the ocean! So, a heat pump was recommended to me.
    I contacted Bob’ in Moncton. The service was excellent; the staff explained everything to me, regarding the Daiken
    Hear Pump.
    Immediately, after installation, I was relieved. The air conditioner worked superbly and, still does!
    I’ve had service once and it was not only quick, but I learned how tobacco deal with the filter, which is simple; no costly filters and cleaners- just remove and clean in your sink with a mild detergent, dry with a paper towel.
    So.8 years later, the effect is the same. One of the best investments I’ve made, with the peace of mind to knowing that Iwill be serviced with the same professionalism, as the day I purchased it.
    Bob’s was recommended to me; I truly pass on that recommended.
    And, your heat bills will go down in the winter, also
    Thank you Bob’s
    M. Rouse

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