How to Connect With Your Daikin Dealer During COVID-19

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Many Daikin Dealers Are Maintaining Essential Services During COVID-19

Daikin dealers are taking preventative measures to prioritize the health and safety of Atlantic Canadians. Many Daikin dealers are only conducting emergency service calls at this time, and in some instances, maintenance calls and installations. Please contact your dealer in order to obtain the most up to date status of their operations.

Did you have an in-home assessment or installation scheduled? If you have not received confirmation of your appointment yet, please contact your dealer  to ensure your appointment is still booked for the time you had agreed on.

How to Schedule an Emergency Service Call with Your Daikin Dealer 

Many Daikin dealers across Atlantic Canada are available for emergency service calls. Please contact your Daikin dealer directly to make sure they are available for an emergency service call or to find out if they are available for other types of services such as maintenance and installations. 

In the meantime, you can still contact your local Daikin dealer in order to: 

  • Get your HVAC questions answered 
  • Schedule an installation for a future date, and
  • Book an emergency service call 

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate through these unprecedented times. 

There are common heat pump issues we can anticipate during certain times of the year. Explore these heat pump maintenance tips to keep your system working year-round. 

  1. Remove debris from the outdoor unit. Spot check your heat pump’s outdoor compressor unit for debris or buildup. This time of year, that could mean slush, ice, dead leaves, twigs, etc. Gently remove debris without using sharp tools like a shovel or knife. 
  2. Clean the indoor and outdoor units. We’re currently spending a lot more time inside and may have the time to devote to a “spring cleaning” of our heat pump’s filter, housing, and interior parts in order to ensure airflow remains clear. Explore these tips for cleaning your ductless/mini-split heat pump indoor and outdoor units. 
  3. Prepare for end-of-season storms. There’s always a chance that we’ll encounter another winter storm, even into the early days of April. Learn how you can prepare your heat pump, plan your backup heat source, and troubleshoot problems like defrost mode not engaging on your outdoor unit.