What Are The Best Heat Pumps For Cold Weather?


Learn how to choose the right heat pump model to heat your home in the cold winter months  Heat pumps are an extremely versatile and efficient source of home heating and cooling. While all heat pumps can provide heating for your home, not all are ideal for extremely cold climates. The winters in Atlantic Canada …
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The Top Factors That Influence The Cost of a Heat Pump


Learn about the factors that determine the cost of a heat pump model, such as efficiency, size, performance, and output. There is a combination of factors that determine how much a heat pump system is going to cost you. While there is no “one size fits all” answer, in this article, we’ve outlined the characteristics …
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Daikin vs LG, Fujitsu, and Mitsubishi Heat Pumps


Learn how Daikin’s single zone mini split heat pumps stack up to the competition If you’re looking at installing a heat pump in your home, then you already know about all of the benefits they can provide homeowners. Notably, the cost savings and consistent home comfort they provide year-round.  As you research which heat pump …
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The Guide To Heat Pump Financing in Atlantic Canada

not all mini-split heat pumps are bulky

Discover the financing and rental options available to homeowners looking to upgrade their home heating and cooling to a heat pump Most of the Atlantic provinces have heat pump rebate programs available to lessen the upfront cost of purchasing a heat pump. However, there are also plenty of financing options available to help homeowners with …
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Heat Pump Rebates in New Brunswick [Updated for 2019]

Discover The Heat Pump Rebate Options Available to Homeowners in New Brunswick Depending on the type of heat pump you’re interested in purchasing and several other factors, homeowners in New Brunswick can access a variety of rebates to reduce the upfront cost of their heat pump. Heat pumps are an efficient source of home heating …
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Heat Pump vs Air Conditioner: Which is Right for Your Home?

It’s taken a while, but it looks like summer is finally on its way here in Atlantic Canada. In past years, air conditioners were much less common in our part of the world than they are elsewhere. But these days, with the climate warming up, homeowners across the region are looking for ways to help …
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Are Heat Pumps Really More Environmentally Friendly?


If you’ve been doing any research into heat pumps, you’ve likely seen that one of their biggest selling points (aside from saving you money) is that they are better for the environment than any other common method of home heating. This seems like common sense when you consider that heat pumps heat your home by …
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Heat Pump Rebates in Nova Scotia

what you need to know about replacing your furnace with a heat pump

Heat Pump Rebates in Nova Scotia Living so close to the ocean, it’s natural for Nova Scotians to care about the environment and be concerned about the effects of climate change. However, while many Nova Scotian homeowners want to do more to help the environment, the costs of making greener choices can be prohibitive. As …
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5 Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Service


Daikin heat pumps are robust and reliable, but like any mechanical equipment, they will eventually break down if they aren’t properly cared for. There are a number of things you can do yourself to help keep your heat pump in top condition, like seasonal cleaning of your heat pump to avoid build-up of dirt or …
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Heat Pumps: Why Are In-Home Assessments Important?


Heat pumps are an increasingly popular option here in Atlantic Canada, and for good reason. They’re basically the perfect home comfort system for our climate—capable of keeping us warm and cozy all winter and cool and comfortable all summer. However, selecting the right heat pump for your home is more complex than it might initially …
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