Heat Pump Maintenance

Daikin Mini-Split Heat Pump Troubleshooting Guide

Keep your system running smoothly—use this troubleshooting guide to quickly diagnose and identify next steps for fixing common issues that may arise with your Daikin ductless heat pump.   Heat pumps are popular in Atlantic Canada for both heating and cooling homes due to their energy efficiency and reliable performance. Daikin, a world-renowned brand in the …
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Heating Season is the Best Time for Heat Pump Maintenance

It’s time to service your energy-efficient heat pump! At a minimum, it should be serviced yearly. Over the years, we’ve published blog posts on ‘How Heat Pumps Work in the Winter’, ‘Cleaning Tips to Prepare for a Winter Storm’, and many more. But, the main takeaway is cleaning and maintaining your heat pump, especially during …
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Heat Pump Cleaning Tips to Prepare for a Winter Storm

How to clean and maintain your heat pump in extreme winter weather conditions. Unlike a furnace or electric baseboard that warm your home by generating heat from the surrounding air, heat pumps work by transferring heat from one place to another, extracting warmth from the outdoors even in temperatures as low as -27°C. This makes …
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Is it Difficult to Maintain a Heat Pump?

is it difficult to maintain a heat pump

Learn how a few quick maintenance tips can help keep your heat pump running like new for many years to come. Many of the questions homeowners have about heat pumps revolve around whether their new heat pump will be challenging to maintain, especially given the wide-ranging climate in Atlantic Canada. Keeping your heat pump properly …
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