Daikin Atlantic Answers 7 Common Heat Pump Questions


It would be an understatement to say that we get a lot of questions about heat pumps. At this point, most Atlantic Canadians know someone who has recently installed one or more heat pumps in their home, but most of us still don’t know very much about them or how they work. Below, we’ve collected …
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Spring Cleaning for Your Mini-Split


Spring is the traditional time to clean and put your house in order, and while many Atlantic Canadians would argue that it doesn’t count as spring when we’ll probably get our last blizzard in May, winter is technically over. As such, many of us are now making big plans to get our homes cleaned up …
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What Makes Heat Pumps More Efficient?


If you’ve ever heard or read anything about how heat pumps work, you’ve probably seen the claim that heat pumps are superior to other methods of home heating because they’re so much more efficient. But what makes them so efficient, and more importantly, why does efficiency matter to you as a homeowner? The short answer: …
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How Carbon Taxes Affect Your Home Heating Costs

With various forms of carbon pricing rolling out across the country, most homeowners have been left in the dark about how a carbon tax will affect their heating costs and what steps they can take to save money. There’s also variation on how carbon pricing is being implemented, because each province is responsible for creating …
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How Much Can You Save With a Heat Pump?


One of the most surefire ways Atlantic Canadians can reduce their winter heating bills (other than by turning off the heat and putting on a sweater) is by installing one or more heat pumps in their homes. However, every home and family is different, and if you want to get a better sense of how …
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3 Tips for Mini-Split Heat Pumps in the Winter

Comfortable home

Here in Atlantic Canada, we’re firmly in the grip of one of our usual cold, wet, and stormy winters. Luckily, if you have a Daikin mini-split heat pump in your home, you can keep cozy all winter, as long as you follow a few basic maintenance tips. Read on to learn how to keep your …
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Why Heat Pumps Still Work So Well in the Winter

heat pumps in winter in atlantic canada

We’ve seen a rapid increase in Atlantic Canadians’ interest in heat pumps as more and more homeowners in the region look for more energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable home heating options. The first question we hear, as soon as people learn how heat pumps work, is whether they work in the winter—and if so, how? How …
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Ducted or Mini Split Heat Pumps? How to Choose


Find out which type of heat pump setup is best suited to your home and your heating and cooling preferences. Choosing a new heating and cooling system for your home is a significant long-term decision. You will likely be living with your choice of an HVAC system for well over a decade, so it’s essential …
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Is It Time To Replace Your Furnace?


Learn the telltale signs of a failing furnace, and why you should switch to a heat pump system. It’s very common for older houses to have outdated and inefficient furnaces. These furnaces can cause a variety of problems for homeowners once they come to the end of their lifecycle. Much like an aging automobile, furnaces …
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Do Heat Pumps Really Pay For Themselves?

do heat pumps really pay for themselves

Learn how to calculate how long it will take for your heat pump to pay for itself in energy savings. It’s common for homeowners investing in heat pumps to wonder when they’ll see their investment pay for itself in energy savings. The answer to that question depends on several factors that don’t necessarily stay at …
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