What is the Best Heat Pump for Atlantic Canada?

heat pumps keep you warm

There are many factors that are important to Atlantic Canadians when choosing the best heat pump for year-round comfort.

Best Heat Pump for Cold Weather

Living in Atlantic Canada, it is imperative that heat pumps work in cold climates. The good news is that they do! There are two major factors to consider when looking for the best heat pump in cold weather:

  1. Rated outdoor temperature: This is the lowest temperature that the heat pump is able to provide adequate heating for your home. Most efficient heat pumps can function in temperatures as low as -27 degrees Celsius.
  2. Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF): This is used to measure the heat pump’s efficiency when it is in heating mode. The HSPF is important to consider for understanding the efficiency of your heat pump, especially in Atlantic Canada.

Daikin manufactures several heat pump models designed with the Atlantic Canadian climate in mind including the Daikin AURORA™, Daikin EMURA™, and the Daikin DX20VC.

Best Heat Pump for Efficiency

The Daikin model DZ18TC whole house heat pump has obtained the Most Efficient 2020 recognition by Energy Star! The heat pump offers up to 19 SEER high-efficiency performance when properly installed by a professional. The minimum SEER Rating required for equipment in Canada is 13.

“Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio” (SEER) measures the efficiency of a heat pump when in cooling mode. The higher the SEER, the better the efficiency and the lower the operating cost compared to lower SEER units. As mentioned earlier in this article, the HSPF is also an important factor when measuring efficiency in Atlantic Canada.

How Your Home Impacts The Heat Pump You Choose 

Your heat pump system should be matched appropriately with your existing home infrastructure (e.g. existing ductwork or lack thereof, the age and size of your home) and home heating needs in order to provide the year-round comfort you desire.

Single Zone Ductless Heat Pumps are best for controlling the temperature in a single room and can be used as a supplement to an existing heating/cooling system.

Multi-Zone Heat Pumps are ideal for multi-room applications that connect to a single outdoor unit. Some models are ductless, and some are ducted and can be concealed indoors. Depending on how you want the indoor unit to be displayed (wall-mount, floor-mount, etc.) and whether it will be ducted or ductless will factor into your choice for the best heat pump.

Whole House Heat Pumps are often the most energy-efficient and cost-effective options for providing year-round comfort throughout your entire home. These systems also offer the benefits of forced-air systems, providing fresh, clean air in your home.

Find your nearest certified Daikin dealer to ask a professional which model is the best heat pump for your home.