Heat Pump Rebates: How Much Could You Save?

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There are many reasons to have a heat pump installed, including increased energy efficiency, lower utility bills, year-round comfort from the heating and cooling system, and cleaner air with forced-air systems. Governments and climate-conscious agencies recognize the long-term benefits of heat pump systems and offer a variety of rebates to provide incentives for installation and upgrades. 

Whether they’re mail-in or instant, each rebate helps in reducing the upfront installation costs that can prohibit some from making the decision to get a heat pump. With so much information from various sources scattered around the Internet and in brochures, it can be overwhelming to know just how much you could save in rebates. Daikin Atlantic has made it easy for you to find out which ones apply to you with our new Rebate Calculator. You just have to fill in a few fields to find out the information you need. 

Try the Rebate Calculator for yourself to see how much you can save now! 

Provincial Heat Pump Rebates

If you live in Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, or Prince Edward Island, the new Rebate Calculator will show you which heat pump rebates you could be eligible for. It will also explain where you need to apply for the applicable rebates and when the deadlines are (e.g. 90 days within purchase or installation). 

Daikin Dealer Heat Pump Rebates

The new Rebate Calculator will also provide you with a summary of which Daikin rebates you could be eligible for and the types of qualifying systems. 

If you are curious about the programs in other provinces, have a look at the Daikin Atlantic website’s rebate section where you can find an overview of current rebate programs on both a provincial level and a Dakin dealer level. 

Contact Your Dealer for Heat Pump Model Eligibility

To find out your exact total cost savings in mail-in and instant rebates, contact your local Daikin dealer. They will provide you with a no-obligation heat pump consultation to recommend the heat pump model that is the best fit for your home.